Open Capital


Open Capital

Open Capital is based on the undated prepay credit instrument which pre-dates the banking system and modern finance capital.

UK sovereigns were accustomed to fund their expenditure through the simple mechanism of offering a discount to taxpayers to prepay their taxes before the due date.

This prepay credit remains embedded in the English language even today as Tax Return (the return of the prepay tax credit instrument to the Exchequer); Rate of Return (the rate at which the profit from the discount could be realised over time); and the wooden tally stick token of the transaction – the original form of Stock which was returned to the Exchequer to be matched against the Counter Stock to settle the tax obligation.

Now that conventional finance is scarce, prepay credit instruments are re-emerging in use and we are re-introducing this direct 'peer to asset' credit in the fields of property rentals; commodities generally and energy specifically.

This asset-based funding is one of our key offerings which we term Open Capital.